Brian Urlacher’s Season Is Over

As agonizing as last night’s loss to the Packers for me as a Bears fan, it just got all the more worse. Brian Urlacher is done for the season after dislocating his right wrist. Yes, Brian Urlacher is done for the SEASON!

Brian Urlacher appears to be out for the season after dislocating his right wrist, the linebacker said Monday. The team has not given the official word, but Lovie Smith is expected to address the issue during his afternoon press conference.

Urlacher injured his wrist in the first quarter of Sunday’s 21-15 loss to the Packers. He was ruled out after halftime.

When asked about his status Monday, Urlacher said in a text message that his “season is over.”

Could things get any worse? Probably.

Brian Urlacher likely out for the season with wrist injury (Huddle Up)

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  1. Urlacher MUST have sustained brain damage!! He was offered , what, $2 million or so just to walk away from the team, retire, if you will.
    But Brian turned that down flat.
    I guess he’d rather spend his days raking his team The Bears over the coals for the next few years.

    What an (injured?) numb skull. Take the $$money$$ and run.
    what a clown.

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