Antoine Walker Takes A Break From His Vegas Pursuits To Inform Us That Four Teams Have Interest In Him

We all know about Antoine Walker’s gambling issues. We also know that he has to pay those debts off somehow, right? Why not dupe any team to pay you money to sit on the bench? According to SI’s, Chris Mannix, that’s exactly Walker’s plan.

Mannix and Walker bumped into each other at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas during the Mayweather-Marquez fight and Walker claims he will be in a training camp this year. The location of this “bumping into” is definitely fitting.

Just bumped into Antoine Walker at the MGM, says he is talking to four teams and plans on being in a camp on a non-guaranteed deal next week.

Four teams huh? WNBA’s season is winding down, so that’s out.  He’s already done Pros vs Joes.  They aint bring him back for that. Let’s see…..Knicks, of course. Timberwolves, why not? And two teams from the D-League. You pick em.

4 Teams Interested in Walker? (Hoops World via @ChrisMannixSI)

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