5 NFL Players who shouldn’t be on your fantasy roster

With the NFL season less than two weeks away it’s time for fantasy league participants to get their teams in order. My colleague has given a run down of fantasy must haves over the past week, but I want give some attention to the players you should stay clear of during your drafts.

1. Steve Smith/WR– Many of you may disagree, but I’d keep Smith off my roster not because of a lack of talent or skill but rather because of the inconsistent play of his QB Jake Delhomme.

2.Matt Schaub/QB– The guy is good, he completes over 65 percent of his passes and had a 92.7 QB rating last season, but staying healthy has been a major issue. He’s a liability; don’t draft him.

3. Chad Ochocinco/WR– Aside from legally changing his last name to Ochocinco, ochenta y cinco would be correct, simply put, he’s a clown. Over the past 3 seasons, he’s been more content complaining and creating antics than scoring touchdowns and being a good teammate. I’ve made the mistake of placing him on my fantasy roster before and it wasn’t worth it.

4. Brett Favre/QB– Brett Favre may be on a private jet back to Mississippi next week and since there is no room for sentimental picks in fantasy leagues don’t put him on your roster.

5. LaDanian Tomlinson/RB– Tomlinson had his worst season statistically last year and has been unable to perform in the playoffs the last two seasons due to injury. On top of that, he’s been whining and groaning about the way the franchise treats him. I know he’s been the safest bet in fantasy football history, but his time has past.

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  1. Steve Smith has put up numbers with Delhomme for how many years now? He'll do so again this year.

    LT is finally healthy, he'll be a force again.

  2. I slept through the first 15 rounds of my draft. I have both Steve Smith and LT, fml.

  3. I gotta disagree wit you on Steve Smith and Ochocino…he is going to have a bounce back year, but u forgot about Matt Cassell,and Brian Westbrook.

  4. Cassell is gonna have an alright season and Westbrook always carries the load for Philly.

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