5 Guys That Are Ruining Fantasy League Rosters Everywhere

Running backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers are the most vital components of a fantasy football team. Many have put up stellar numbers to start the season, but below I’ve listed a few that you may want to get rid of, or place on the bench until their numbers improve.

1. Jake Delhomme/QB- I don’t condone placing Jake Delhomme on any fantasy roster, but if he’s one of your guys, please place him on the bench until he stops throwing excessive interceptions. Delhomme has already thrown 5 interceptions, 1 touchdown and has a passer rating of 45.3 thus far.

2. Larry Johnson/RB– This guy is done. His production has steadily dropped over the past two years and he currently averages 2.8 yards a carry. Johnson has carried the ball 35 times this season and has only amassed 98 yards with 0 touchdowns. If he’s on your roster cut him and pick up a young running back.

3.Willie Parker/RB-This one is personal. Willie Parker is one of my starting running backs and he’s really let me down thus far. Parker has a total of 66 yards on 27 carries with a average of 2.4 yards per carry and 0 touchdowns. He’s headed to my bench and if you have him too, you should do the same.

4. Brady Quinn/QB– Quinn beat out Derek Anderson for the starting job in Cleveland, but has yet to stake his claim as a consistent quarterback. Quinn’s passer rating is 66.9 and he has thrown 2 interceptions and only 1 touchdown. He should be benched until he’s fully comfortable under center, but don’t cut him just yet.

5. Braylon Edwards/WR- Once a fantasy dream, Edwards has quickly become a player you can live without. Not that his skills has diminished greatly, they haven’t, but due to his current quarterback situation(Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson), he won’t see many opportunities to score this season. Edwards has caught 7 passes this season for 104 yards. If he’s one of your receivers, keep him, but bench him for now.

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  1. i can name mor from my team alone…Brandon Jacobs, Titans D, Antonio Gates are all suckin right now

  2. College Fantasy Coach says:

    While his fantasy value does suck, if you are calling LJ washed up as a player I believe that's a little premature. Dude is not the fantasy football superstar he once was, but with that o-line that KC has even Adrian Peterson would look like garbage, IMO. Sometimes its not the player as much as it is the situation.

  3. fantasy flukie says:

    I agree with everything you wrote. Though I still think Delhomme is a viable bye week replacement in fantasy play. The interceptions will die down.

    Larry Johnson stinks. I concur. But I still think he is a viable starter if you have Willie Parker (jk).Johnson is a better play then Parker at least for the moment.

  4. Delhomme is done, I know he had a few good years, but it's over for him too many int's. As for LJ, take a look at his stats, it's doesn't matter who is on the offensive line a NFL RB should be able to get more than 38 yards on 19 carries. Besides he's only had 2 seasons in which he rushed for more than 1,000 yards and he's 29 years old.

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