Who You Need To Be Draftin’: Running Backs

With many fantasy football drafts taking place in the next week or so, we’re gonna go out of our way to help you improve on that last place finish of yester-year. If you’re looking for analytical statistics to help you draft, you’re in the wrong place. Relying on those same statistics got you that last place finish, remember? So why not try it our way? I knew you would.

Today we’ll talk about running backs, so pay attention. Because if you don’t get at least one of these players, you’re screwed.

Adrian Peterson

If you’re lucky enough to land the #1 pick in your draft, or you’re just the commissioner of your league, your pick better be AD. He led the league in rushing last season with 1760 yards and there’s no reason for him to slow down this season. I could go into how he won’t see 8-man fronts because of Brett Favre, but it’s pointless. An 11-man front can’t stop this man.

Michael Turner

If you’re lucky enough to land the #2 pick in your draft, or you and the commissioner of the league are tight like that, your pick better be Burner Turner. Will he split more carries with Jerious Norwood? Yes. Will it matter? No.

Matt Forte

Many like Maurice Jones-Drew as the 3rd best running back. I don’t. Forte is a legitimate every down back. And now he has a capable quarterback in the back field with him. It’s science really.

Steven Jackson

Yes, I like Jackson over Jones-Drew as well. The guy is a work horse. And that’s what the Rams will look to him to be. Look for him to get plenty of chances to put up the points.

Maurice Jones-Drew

Maybe next year he’ll be higher. Right now, I’m just not convinced that he can shoulder the load on every down. Make no mistake, he will put up numbers, but there will be times where he misses out on touchdowns because he won’t be on the field.

Sleeper Pick – Darren McFadden

Odds are that he will still be around during the 4th, 5th, or even 6th round. Snatch him up. This could be the year he puts up #1 running back numbers.

Rookie To Watch – Glen Coffee

Toss up between Lesean McCoy and Glen Coffee. I’m gonna go with Coffee. Mike Singletary is going to run the ball, run the ball, and run the ball some more. Frank Gore is the undisputed starter, but Coffee will get carriers. And don’t forget, Gore has been hurt a lot recently. You never know. Coffee could be the starter in a blink of an eye (or a tear of an ACL).

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