Who You Need To Be Draftin’: Receivers

With many fantasy football drafts taking place this week, we’re gonna go out of our way to help you improve on that last place finish of yester-year. If you’re looking for analytical statistics to help you draft, you’re in the wrong place. Relying on those same statistics got you that last place finish, remember? So why not try it our way? I knew you would.

Today we’ll talk about receivers, so pay attention. Because if you don’t get at least one of these players, you’re screwed.

Larry Fitzgerald

Forget all the fluke talk. And all the “Kurt Warner isn’t gonna make it through the season” talk. It really doesn’t matter who is out there at quarterback, Fitz is gonna put up numbers. And if you’re crazy enough to listen to all the naysayers and pass on him, please send me an invite to your league because I’ll gladly take him and dominate.

Andre Johnson

Since we’re talking about puttin up numbers, let’s turn our attention to Andre Johnson. The man is a beast. If Fitzgerald is gone, you need to be making him your pick.

Calvin Johnson

Some think he’s the #1 receiver but I dropped him to the 3rd spot mainly because he plays for the Lions. If anyone can screw up a sure fire fantasy football stud, it’s the Lions.

Randy Moss

Randy may not put up the numbers of years past, but he is still worthy of being one of the 1st receivers off the board.

Anquan Boldin

For those of you that are weary of picking Boldin because of Larry Fitzgerald and an emerging Steve Breaston, don’t be. Like last year, Boldin will continue to get his numbers. In fact, he just may end up with better numbers than Fitzgerald this year. Why? Because he’s playing for a new contract.

Sleeper Pick – Lee Evans

Could this finally be the year that Lee Evans breaks out? I say yes. With T.O. on the other side, Evans should be free to roam through secondaries like a wild gazelle. We could all use a wild gazelle on our fantasy team.

Rookie To Watch – Jeremy Maclin

This one is a toss up between Percy Harvin and Jeremy Maclin. I went with Maclin. Mainly because Philly loves to chuck it. He’ll have plenty of chances to put up numbers, much like DeSean Jackson did last year.

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  1. Steve Smith

  2. I'll put him #6. Having Delhomme doesn't help

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