Urban Meyer is recession proof

How sweet it is to be a coach in the SEC, especially if you have Tim Tebow on the roster.

Coach Urban Meyer has learned first hand how lucrative winning National Titles can be for your wallet. On Monday, Meyer signed a 6-year contract worth $4M per year, he previously made $3.25M per year, a raise of $750,000.

In this tough economy, where does all the money come from? Well, its not from state funds, but rather from The University Athletic Association, which funds Florida’s athletic department.

Though the university recently began implementing $42M in budgets cut by laying off 9 professors and 49 staff members, the athletic department managed to muster an additional $750K to make a rich guy even richer.

I have no problems with Meyer making money, but enough is enough. When will our state funded schools put the emphasis on education instead of sports? Maybe never. Still, I commend Meyer for pledging to give back $1M of his salary to the Florida Opportunity Scholars Program, a program that financially aids first generation undergraduate students.

Obviously, Meyer feels guilty for making so much money that he’s giving some of it back, I wish the guy, Athletic Director Jeremy Foley, that gave Meyer this lucrative contract soon realizes $4M per year is too much money for any coach, especially when faculty and staff members are being cut.

After $750k raise, Meyer’s UF salary up to $4M(AP via FOXSports.com)

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