This Twitter Thing Is Getting Outrageous As J.R. Smith’s Page Is In The Midst Of A Gang Controversy

In the past few days, the push to limit the amount of tweeting (or just dispel it altogether) by athletes and sports personalities has been in full throttle. Tweets at Green Bay’s training camp have been outlawed, ESPN personalities had their hands slapped, Antonio Cromartie got fined for tweeting about the lackluster food a Chargers camp and now J.R. Smith’s tweeting has it’s own controversy.

Smith’s use of the letter “K” instead of “C” in his words has raised the eyebrows of those versed in gang-related activity. And now people have started wondering.

“Those are still little messages that are being transcended back to some of the neighborhoods,” said Rev. Leon Kelly, executive director of Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives in Denver. “Not to say in no way is he promoting a gang. But people got to understand that a lot of these kids come from gang neighborhoods. Their friends are still involved in doing what they do. Just because one was able to get out of that lifestyle, many of them don’t forget where they come from.”

Here’s Smith’s twitter page that has now been deleted. The cached version doesn’t give us much as it looks like he was trying to clean up his act before someone told him to pull the plug. How long before other follow suit?

Nuggets guard J.R. Smith’s Twitter page creating controversy (Denver Post)

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