The Ten Funniest Scenes From A Sports Movie

I’m not much of a movie buff, but I will say that I love a good comedy. Add sports with well time shenanigans and I’m sold. So here’s the ten funniest scenes (that I could find) from a sports movie.

All of these are pretty much NSFW so peruse at your own risk.

Happy Gilmore – Happy Gilmore vs Bob Barker

Caddyshack – Doodie!

Talladega Nights – Shut up, Chip!

Major League – Rick Vaughn’s Debut

Dodgeball – If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

The epic showdown between Roy Munson and Ernie McCraken

Blades of Glory – Sex Addict Meeting
Blades of Glory – Sex Addict

The Waterboy – Don’t Smoke Crack

Major League 2 – The Fight

Semi-Pro – The Poker Game

I know, I know. I left out YOUR favorite scene. Go ahead leave it in the comments so we can all relive said scene.

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  1. Top notch. All classic flicks.

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