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I know what you’re thinking…..Are we really gonna embark on a post about the WNBA and Sesame Street Live? Why, yes we are. Mainly because this particular tale is about the best thing that could come out of reading about the WNBA and Sesame Street Live.

In Atlanta, there’s a WNBA team called the Atlanta Dream. They’re not very good, people don’t really show up for their games, and folks in Atlanta could really care less about them. And that’s your lesson on the Atlanta Dream. You’re welcome.

Having said that, I’m sure you’re still wondering why I’m wasting your time babbling about them. Well, despite being pretty bad, they have a chance to make the playoffs. Which would mean home playoff games in the ATL. There’s just one problem, they won’t have a place to play because Sesame Street Live will be in the building.

If the Dream make the playoffs, they may not be able to play at Philips [Arena] because the Muppets have booked the arena for eight shows Sept. 17-20. The team might have to move to Gwinnett, or Georgia Tech, or Georgia, or even in Knoxville, which I happen to believe is the best option, unless an auditorium is Rhode Island also is being considered.

So no matter what the major networks try to feed you, that my friends is how America really feels about the WNBA. In the NBA, horse jumping and the WWE can bump playoff games, but never Sesame Street. Now, that’s plain embarassing!

Sunny day! Elmo stares down Dream! (Jeff Schultz, AJC)

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  2. "They're not very good, people don't really show up for their games, and folks in Atlanta could really care less about them."

    it is supposed to be "couldn't" care less, not could. moron

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