Rex Ryan Loves When His Boys Get A Little Physical

The J-E-T-S, JETs, JETS, JETS camp is underway and Rex Ryan couldn’t be happier. With expectations successfully lowered and his brand new liquid diet, life can’t get much better for Rex.

Only, it did yesterday as he was witness to his boys getting a little physical with one another. And this was enough to put a smile on Rex’s jolly face.

Punches were thrown while tempers flared at a rough and tumble practice at New York Jets training camp Monday. And coach Rex Ryan couldn’t have been more pleased.

“Hey, we had a little rock ’em, sock ’em robots out there,” Ryan said with a grin.

You know how when you’re so elated that you say things that are lame like, “Hey, we had a little rock ’em, sock ’em robots out there”? That’s how elated Rex was about this turn of events.

So what happened out on the practice fields that had Rex skinnin’ and grinnin’? Men in football gear swinging, wrasslin’, and jumping on the pile. Sounds hot right?

Thomas Jones took a swing at James Ihedigbo and a few Jets players quickly jumped in to break things up early in the practice session.

Round 2 came a few minutes later when Howard Green got into it with Brock Christopher, and several players stood around the skirmish and shouted at each other.

Then came Ahmad Carroll and Nevin McCaskill getting into a shoving match, and Darrelle Revis playfully jumping on the pile.

I realize that this whole dynamic may be hard to picture. So for those of you that can’t picture the level of happiness this brought Ryan through my feeble attempt at the written word, here’s a video of Ryan explaining why this spectacle turned him on so much. Look into his eyes at your own risk.

<a href=”” target=”_new” title=”Jets fight at camp”>Video: Jets fight at camp</a>

Fights break out at Jets camp; coach happy? (AP via Fox Sports)

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