Patrick Kane really loves his money

Would you fight for 20 cents? I wouldn’t, even amidst the present peril of our economy, but Patrick Kane feelings are contrary to my beliefs.

The Blackhawks 20-year-old star, along with his cousin James, allegedly roughed up a cab driver early Sunday after the cab driver told the duo he didn’t have the proper change after payment.

The total cab fare was $13.80, Kane gave up $15 and wanted all of $1.20 back or else. Because of 20 cents, the cabbie received a punch in the face, a prime choking and broken glasses.

What is the NHL paying their players these days, has times gotten so bad that players fight out of the rink for 20 cents?

Kane and his cousin were charged with second degree robbery and criminal mischief. This is by far the dumbest action taken by an athlete this year, 20 cents, come on Patrick.

Blackhawks’Kane arrested for $1.20 taxi beef (

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