Ozzie Guillen Vows That Retailiation Is A Must

Ozzie Guillen has had enough of the chin music opposing pitchers have been playing for his players. In fact, Guillen vows that his pitchers will begin to dole out some chin music of their own.

Guillen was pushed over the top after Saturday’s game where Paul Konerko, Scott Podsednik and Gordon Beckham all got hit by pitches from the Cleveland Indians staff.

“Yesterday I get upset, they hit one guy and they throw in into another guy. I got upset. I know for a fact they’re not throwing at nobody, but enough is enough,” Guillen said. “I have Konerko bruised all over the place. Around the league, be careful because we’re going to hit people. I don’t care if I get suspended because I need to protect my players.”

Ozzie Guillen speaking on baseball’s “unspoken rule” should surprise no one. And once White Sox pitchers start peggin’ the rest of the league, that too should surprise no one. Because all Guillen has is his balls and his word and he aint breaking either one for anybody. Get some rest while suspension, Ozzie.

White Sox’s Ozzie Guillen vows retaliation if players get hit (AP via USA Today)

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  1. GM-Carson says:

    I love and hate him. I like that he speaks his mind, but I also wish he'd just shut the hell up sometimes.

  2. Los Brown says:

    Ozzie is the most entertaining member of the White Sox organization, let him talk.

  3. Brad Templeman says:

    His act is wearing pretty thin right now. Still, if it fires the team up and gets them winning, then he's doing his job. The White Sox just do things differently, whether it's executing two stunning trades in a week or having a manager that voices opinions no one else in baseball would dare say.

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