NFL to sell Vick customizable dog jerseys

Regardless of what the NFL thinks of Michael Vick and his past troubles, they are moving ahead with the release of Vick jersey sales.

NFL Shop, the official merchandiser of NFL paraphernalia, has not only made Michael Vick jerseys available for sports fans and their kids, but also for the family dog.

Yes, customizable dog jerseys are also available for die hard football fans everywhere. Irony at it’s best. I’m waiting to see just how many dog lovers/Vick bashers will purchase the jersey for their pooches.

Four months ago, in the opinion of many, Michael Vick was a menace to society, a thug and dog murderer. Now that he’s out of jail and has the opportunity to make money for himself and the NFL, the same league that criticized him and turned away when he needed support the most, suddenly views him as a reformed man.

Whether they believe he’s reformed or not, the NFL is not going to miss out on a opportunity to make money. I won’t be surprised if Roger Goddell shows up to an Eagle’s game sporting a Vick jersey to boost sales.

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