Mike Vick Is Coming To Your Copy Of Madden NFL 10

The folks at EA Sports want to ensure that your copy of Madden NFL 10 comes equipped with as many virtual quarterback controversies as possible. In order to be sure of that, they are poised to add Mike Vick to the newly released game. In fact, EA wants you to be able to play with Mike Vick, before he is able to play with himself. In real life. On the field that is. Of course, it all depends on what the NFL thinks about this.

Pending NFL and NFLPA approvals, EA will release Vick to the masses via roster update on August 19 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with other platforms to follow shortly after.

For those of you already foaming at the mouth at the chance to throw Vick in the mix, take a moment to look over Vick’s ’08 ratings vs his ’10 ratings. Because only EA has seen enough of him to really get an accurate rating on Vick’s present skills.

Biggest drop off? His overall rating (of course) and awareness took a huge hit. Awareness is one that I can’t understand though. To me, Vick probably has the best awareness of any player in the NFL. Prison seems to heighten a man’s awareness to a level that most humans never attain. But no need to nit-pick.

Vick to be added to ‘Madden 10’ (ESPN)

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