Kurt Rambis’ First Duty As Timberwolves Head Coach? Write A Letter, Of Course

Truthfully, I really don’t know why I’m so interested in the Minnesota Timberwolves these days. I guess because I’ve never seen anyone put their imprint on a team faster than the Prez, David Kahn has. Everything that has happened with this team in the past few months has been the Prez’s vision. As it should be.

So what was the Prez’s vision for newly hired head coach, Kurt Rambis’ first day on the job? How about writing up a letter for the T-Wolves’ many adoring fans. Much like the Prez did himself.

With football season about to be in full swing, I unusually find myself wanting the NBA season to start pronto. Why? Because the season for these Minnesota Timberwolves could be special. So special that they may set some type of record for the most losses or even most letters written to their fans in a season. But that’s just fine, because it seems to be in the Prez’s vision.

A letter to fans from Kurt Rambis (AP via USA Today)

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