The Juiciest Jheri Curls In Sports History

Soul Glo
Growing up in the 80’s allowed me to live through the glory years of the jheri curl. I witnessed the short ones, the afro ones, and the ones that sprawled down one’s back. With my own two eyes, I was able to see jheri curl juice on pillows, couches, towels, and even on the headrest of a Nissan Datsun. Clearly, the jheri curl has had a profound effect on me.

Much like my personal life, the jheri curl made it’s way to my sport watching life. And today, I would like to pay homage to the juiciest jheri curls in sports history.


Michael Cage
Michael Cage – This man had a curl for the ages. Career wasn’t much, but his curl certainly was.

AC Green – I still remember AC and his curl flying up and down the court with the “Showtime” Lakers.

AC Green


Eric Dickerson
Eric Dickerson – Somehow he was able to get his curl to be a little looser than the normal cur . To this day, I’m still wondering how he got it like that.

Walter Payton – The curl held down by the headband is definitely the look I would’ve went with if I ever had a curl.

Walter PaytonDeion Sanders

Deion Sanders – Has to be the most gangsta curl of them all. There was no need to try to duplicate it. You simply couldn’t.


Felix Jose
Felix Jose – Just look how the sun sparkles on it. Now that, my friend is a curl.

Pedro Martinez – The Godfather of the jheri curl. While others abandon it, Pedro keeps it going.

Pedro Martinez

Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson
– Greatest lead-off hitter of all time, and quite possibly the greatest lead-off hitter’s curl of all time.

George Bell – Bell always was sure to keep his curl nice and neat.

George Bell

Pascual Perez

Pascual Perez
– Perez had a curl that will live on in infamy. Just take a look at it. It speaks for itself.

Mel Hall

Mel Hall
– Here’s Mel sporting a little length to his curl. Juicy and long. Can’t beat that.


Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard – Epic battles between the two, both in the ring and in the word of jheri curls.

Thomas Hearns Sugar Ray Leonard


WWF's SlickSlick – “The Doctor of Style” lived up to his name with one of the slickest jheri curls around.

Jimmy “Supafly” Snuka
– Supafly’s curl was unparalleled in the wrestling world.

Jimmy Supafly Snuka

Bret Hart and Razor Ramon – I know some of you may think I’m reaching with this one, but c’mon. You have to agree that there’s some type of curl in their heads. Just look how juicy it is.

Brett Hart Razor Ramon

So all you jheri curl experts out there, who are we missing?

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  1. World of Isaac says:

    awesome post

  2. No curl was juicer than Michael Cage in the history of man

  3. SpastikMooss says:

    I agree with Issac, this post is truly awesome

  4. Mel Hall is rocking that curl in prison for the rest of his life. I wonder if you can get Jheri curl in prison.

  5. Morgan Campbell says:

    Great post, but I would add two boxers

    Michael Olajide

    Nigel Benn

    And two more Blue Jays:

    Juan Guzman

    and Jesse Barfield

    Quiet as it's kept, Jesse actually still has a curl. Not a full-blown jheri (aka "wake n' shake")because his hair's much shorter these days. But he definitelt still sleeps with a shower cap on.

  6. rhymeister says:

    Gary Anderson (RB, Univ of Arkansas, SD Chargers) had the best jheri ever!!!

    Couldn't find any great photos but here's one:

  7. rhymeister says:

    Check that, here's a good one when Gary Anderson was in the USFL:

  8. Gary Anderson now has my vote

  9. Anonymous says:

    It sounds good!We can not forget them.we can buy their jerseys in NFL Shop.

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