Iverson to Grizzlies? The end is near

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. What remains for a 9-time All-Star that has a 27.1ppg. career average? According to the offers he’s received this off season, not much.

Allen Iverson, now 34-years-old, was once the most prolific scorer in the NBA, not he’s been reduced to nothing more than another guy on the roster.

Since leaving the Philadelphia in 2006, Iverson has been forced to fit in to systems that don’t cater to his style of play, rather he’s been asked to conform.

It’s kind of difficult for a player that has been the focal point of every team he’s been on for the past 15 years to change and become a role player. He didn’t mesh well in Denver, his stint in Detroit was a joke and now, according to Iverson via his Twitter feed, the bottom dwelling Memphis Grizzlies have offered the veteran a 1yr/$5M deal.

When the Memphis Grizzlies are on your radar, especially while in the twilight of a career, undoubtedly the end is near. This very well may be Iverson’s farewell tour.

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