Is This The Summer Of The Sucker Punch?

No Guts contributor, J Will brings us the scoop on a sucker punch that Randy Shannon doesn’t want you to know about.

For the past couple of days, the Oakland Raiders have been in the news because Tom Cable allegedly sucker punched an assistant. Now, the Miami Hurricanes have those same problems. But in their case, it’s the players that are sucker punching each other. DE Adewale Ojomo had surgery Tuesday for a broken jaw he sustained in the Hurricanes locker room from supposedly, “horsing around”. But new information has surfaced that says that it wasn’t quite horse play.

Two team sources said Ojomo was punched by a teammate. The sources said an altercation took place, and one said Ojomo was “sucker punched.”

Head coach, Randy Shannon was asked about this and this is what he said.

“No,” Shannon said. “[It was] horsing around in the locker room. That always happens in the locker room. Guys always get that two-a-day swing where they want to mess around, horse around and things happen like that. You got to move on.”

Now of course, Shannon is not going tell the truth and even try to downplay it, but the injury is pretty serious. Even Shannon himself acknowledges that “he’ll be out for a while”. Leave it to the Hurricanes, who already have a tough schedule, to make things more difficult for themselves. But I guess that’s a Cane thing and we wouldn’t understand.

University of Miami’s defensive end Adewale Ojomo undergoes surgery (Miami Herald)

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