Is Dr. Lou Holtz running for congress?

We all know Lou Holtz as Notre Dame’s former coach and as a wacky college football analyst on ESPN, but the good folks of Florida may soon know him as Congressman Holtz.

Of course, the 72-year-old will run as a Republican according to GOP strategists. Holtz is hoping run for a central Florida congressional seat currently held by Suzanne Kosmas.

An anonymous source claims Holtz will make a decision within the next few weeks.

Holtz was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame last year and has been an analyst with ESPN since his last coaching job in 2004 with South Carolina, which was a disaster.

If he runs and if elected, I like to be the first to extend my condolences to the people of Central Florida. Lou Holtz barely knows his football these days, I can only imagine the damage he’d do as a congressman.

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