Greg Paulus’ Instincts Pay Off As He Is Named Starting Quarterback At Syracuse

And you thought the days of being able to mock Greg Paulus were over. Well my friend, we get an entire college football season to chronicle the highs and mostly lows that Greg Paulus will endure during an experiment that the great folks at Syracuse University are administering. Because Doug Marrone has officially tapped Paulus to captain his first 3-9 ship.

“He has instincts that are hard to teach,” Marrone said. “He knows how to look people off, how to take control of the game and how to change plays.

“If you had ever met Greg Paulus, you’d understand and I wouldn’t get a lot of the questions that I get,” Marrone said. “If something can be accomplished, he can do it.”

Notice that Marrone doesn’t mention actually throwing the ball. If you’re confused, let me explain. At Syracuse, you need not to be able to throw to play quarterback. Just instincts, instincts, instincts. Which will indeed come in handy when falling down to escape defenders.

Paulus named Orange’s starting QB (ESPN)

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