Green Bay ‘s Training Camp Will Proceed Without ATweet

If you’re like us, your twitter account is chocked full of athletes so you can stay up on their every move. Or in other words, so you can stalk them. It’s all good, we all have some stalking tendencies in us.

Well Packers coach, Mike McCarthy is totally against you stalking his players during this year’s training camp. In fact, it will cost his players dinero if they feed in to your stalking addiction. Translation? The Packers aint tweeting during training camp. As if they were anyhow.

You see, when it comes to social networking on the Internet, the Packers might as well be Baby Boomers. They’re not exactly on the cutting edge of technology. Like many of us, they don’t understand the process and don’t care to learn about it.

“I’m non-Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, all of that,” linebacker Brandon Chillar said. “I don’t like any of that stuff.”

Neither does Packers coach Mike McCarthy, which is the biggest reason you won’t be able to get any of his players’ thoughts directly from them, at least not after they’ve punched the time clock at Lambeau Field. In his pre-training camp speech Friday, McCarthy told the players they will be fined $1,701 for using cell phones and other mobile devices to post on Twitter, send text-messages or engage in any similar behavior during team activities.

Luckily, we’re not interested in what the Packers would be tweeting anyhow. It aint like Ryan Grant was gonna get a face tat or AJ Hawk was gonna eat vaseline.

Oates: Not so much as a tweet out of Packers (Wisconsin State Journal)

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  1. Grant and Barnett Tweet and I never noticed them doing it while on the clock anyway. It's great to get the the tweets as it's a way to stay in touch with them. Some of the stuff is amusing and makes them out to be down to earth and not so much on a pedestal that most folks do with professional athletes.

  2. Nobody cares about Green Bay anyway

  3. S. Evans says:

    Or Dallas.

  4. Everybody cares about Dallas boss.

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