Gas Up The Wagon Honey, It’s "What Would Tim Tebow Do" Night Down At The Ballpark

I don’t currently reside in Florida, but having grown up there, I know first hand how fanatical the sports fans can be. Especially Gator fans. So it doesn’t surprise me one bit that a minor league baseball team in Fort Myers is holding a “What Would Tim Tebow Do” night at their ballpark.

Tonight, the Ft. Myers Miracle, a minor league team in Florida, will host “What Would Tim Tebow Do” night.

Some of the planned promotions include a man named Tim Tebow attempting to walk on water and a faith healer on hand to cure illnesses and batting slumps.

Promise rings will be handed out to those in attendance, and Tebow’s famed speech after last season’s loss to Ole Miss will be played in the stadium numerous times.

What a well thought out promotional event. Promise rings, walking on water, curing illness. It’s all so………cliche. The best part of this whole event though has to be Tim Tebow’s promise speech being piped through the stadium speakers numerous times until your ears bleed. Definitely sounds like an awesome Wednesday night.

Minor league baseball team promo: What would Tim Tebow do (

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