Former NBA ref Tim Donaghy back in the slammer

After serving a 1o-month sentence in federal prison for wire fraud and interstate gambling, former NBA referee Tim Donaghy is back in jail for a violation of probation.

Guess what the violation was? He failed to show up for work. You would think that this guy learned his lesson, since he was beaten with a club by mobsters while he was in prison, that’s motivation in itself not to see the inside again.

Apparently Donaghy loves living in a Soprano-like world, getting beat and threatened by mobsters as if its normal. If he goes back to prison I guarantee they will do more than break a knee-cap or two.

Donaghy was finishing up his sentence in a half way house in Tampa, he was scheduled for release in October, but after this episode he may get more time in.

Former ref Donaghy behind bars again(

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