Everyone Saw Jaime Moyer Being Sent To The Bullpen Coming, Everyone Except Jamie Moyer

No matter how you feel about the Phillies’ decision to send Jaime Moyer to the bullpen, I know you saw this coming. The minute that the Phillies began jet-setting to the Dominican Republic to watch Pedro Martinez throw the ball around, Moyer was done. And that goes without mentioning the addition of Cliff Lee. But even with all this writing on the wall, Jaime Moyer seems to not have seen this coming.

“I feel a little disheartened,” the 22-year veteran said. “I feel a little bit like I’ve been misled. I feel like I’ve played this game long enough that the respect factor should be there.”

“Ultimately, I’m a little disheartened because I know this past winter, when I was negotiating with the Phillies, this was a sore thumb, if you will, about this potentially happening,” Moyer said. “You can’t promise anything in this game, but I really felt that Ruben kind of parlayed to me that this type of situation would not happen.”

At 10-9 with an ERA of 5.47, Moyer isn’t blowing teams away, but at least know what you’re getting when he hits the mound. With Pedro, you have no idea what he’s gonna bring. Besides the curl fro.

We understand the Phillies’ thinking on this. A rotation hitting on all cylinders featuring Hamels, Lee, Martinez, and young gun Happ would be tough to handle in the playoffs. And we agree. But why not put Martinez in the pen until you actually see what he has?

At any rate, that aint happening. Until the Phillies give up on Martinez as a starter or Martinez is caught doctoring the ball with curl activator, Moyer will be stuck where he just knew he wouldn’t end up, in the pen.

Phils’ Moyer disheartened by demotion to bullpen (AP)

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