Everyone Gets A Sip From Stewart Cink’s British Open Claret Jug

Stewart Cink’s victory at the British Open was certainly a cause for celebration. You may not have celebrated, but Cink surely has. And he has celebrated how every man should celebrate a victory like this. By drinking his favorite beverage from the trophy he received for his victory.

Stewart Cink has had possession of the claret jug for just over two weeks since his British Open victory, long enough to know that it holds about 2 1/2 pints of any beverage.

He had first choice of what was poured – Guinness, his favourite beer.

At this point, I could really stop my rambling because it really doesn’t get much better than sitting in your favorite chair in front of the television chugging Guinness out of your newly won British Open claret jug. But as you may have guessed, it gets better.

As we all know when partaking in whatever vice we choose to celebrate with, it aint no fun if the homies can’t have none. Well in Stewart Cink’s case, he wants the homies as well as total strangers to have some. All from his British Open claret jug.

After returning home to Atlanta, Cink said a group of about two dozen friends went to his favourite restaurant for a celebration. They sat in a corner of the restaurant with the claret jug on the table.

Then came another celebration at a restaurant that had more of a bar scene, and that’s when mayhem broke out.

“There were a lot of people that wanted to take a sip out of it and get a picture made, and we accommodated I think everyone that was there,” Cink said. “We stayed around for a few hours doing nothing but that.”

Cink estimated 75 people at the bar, and he doesn’t think anyone was denied a sip from the jug.

Getting to leave your saliva on a British Open claret jug that doesn’t belong to you is an once in a lifetime opportunity. No wonder 75 people had no problem stepping up for their sip.

Stewart Cink enjoys a little Guinness in British Open’s claret jug (Canadian Press)

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