The Denver Broncos Are Slowly Making Their Case As The Worst Organization In The NFL

It’s next to near impossible to unseat the likes of the Oakland Raiders and the Detroit Lions as the worst organizations in the NFL, but lately, the Denver Broncos have surely been trying. They’re not coming off a 0-16 season and they’re head coach isn’t busy denying that he cold-cocked one of his assistants, but things aren’t peachy in Denver. Let me refresh your memory on the happenings in Denver within the past year.

– Mike Shanahan, who had a knack of keeping the Broncos in contention despite the poor rosters, was shown the door.

– Josh McDaniels is hired and immediately fumbles his courtship of Matt Cassel and simultaneously pisses off his franchise quarterback.

– The Broncos are forced to trade away said franchise quarterback.

– Brandon Marshall, their best receiver, is now unhappy and wants a trade of his own.

Which brings us to their lastest blunder. With an already rocky relationship between Marshall and the organization, the Broncos take another step to ensure that they will ultimately lose him.

Marshall, who is unhappy with his contract and wants either a raise or a trade, is annoyed with the way the team handled his acquittal on misdemeanor battery charges last week, a person close to him told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

Marshall learned upon rejoining the team that a member of the Broncos’ public relations staff told his teammates after their preseason opener at San Francisco on Friday night that they shouldn’t gloat over his acquittal hours earlier in an Atlanta courtroom.

The Denver Post, quoting a person it didn’t identify, reported that players were told not to say they were happy for Marshall but instead to say it was good for the organization that the issue was behind them.

This hardly sounds like an organization that has it together. Yes, maybe Marshall isn’t in your overall plan. But if that’s the case, trade him. Why keep taking the PR hits trying to somehow prove a point? It’s almost like they don’t care about how bad their organization has looked over the past year. It’s never good when you start being compared to the likes of Oakland and Detroit, even if it’s just lil ole me doing the comparing.

Brandon Marshall miffed again with Denver Broncos (AP)

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