David Kahn Takes Another Trip To Spain To Negotiate For Ricky Rubio

Let me first start off by asking, how did we ever miss this photo? As much as we love all things David Kahn, a photo like this would’ve made our day, week, month, life. But better late than never, I guess. Ok, on to Kahn’s continued lust for Ricky Rubio.

So with rumors swirling that prized draft pick, Ricky Rubio has signed a contract to stay in Spain, David Kahn decided once again to take matters in his own hands. And for Kahn, that doesn’t mean working the phones and dealing with Rubio’s agent and FC Barcelona. It means hopping on a plane to Spain for a little face-to-face time. And for Kahn, any face time with babyface Rubio is time well spent.

Minnesota Timberwolves general manager David Kahn spent the weekend in Spain in his latest attempt to bring Ricky Rubio to the NBA.

For Kahn, this is his third trip to Spain to negotiate for Rubio’s rights in the two months since the Wolves selected the 18-year-old with the fifth pick of the NBA draft.

We knew about the first trip, but the deceptive Kahn snuck in a second trip on us. Probably because the trip was for pleasure. Where he had the pleasure to take this photograph with Rubio. That sly dog!

Like any unassuming teenager would be, Rubio is enjoying all the attention David Kahn is paying to him and his contract.

I’m very proud that the Timberwolves came to Spain to get me,” Rubio said, according to El Mundo Deportivo, which reported that Kahn, agent Dan Fegan and Joventut president Jordi Villacampa had dinner together Saturday night.

“It doesn’t surprise me because they have been there all the time, and I always said that my priority was to go to the NBA. I know there was a meeting last night, and now there’s chances for both sides,” Rubio said, according to El Mundo Deportivo.

The attention may seem nice now, Ricky, but once Kahn gets you in Minnesota, all that attention will become creepy. Especially when you start noticing him sitting in his car outside of your place of residence. Or he just shows up at everywhere you go. I’ve seen it a million times. This is just the beginning.

Wolves trying to free Rubio (ESPN)

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