Cubs sold for $845M

What does ownership do with a MLB franchise that hasn’t won a World Series championship in over 100 years? Sell it.

At least that’s what the Tribune Co. has decided to do with the Chicago Cubs. In a deal that’s been rumored and negotiated for over two years, the Tribune and new owners, the Ricketts family, settled on a $845M selling price, the highest in MLB history.

Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD Ameritrade, yes another money guy, and his son Tom are the new owners and will likely be the new decision makers for the storied franchise.

The big question remains, When will the Cubs win a World Series again? Not this year, they’re second in the NL Central(61-59). Maybe new ownership can lead to the team back to the promised land in years to come, or help the team remain relevant for more than 2 years at a time, who knows.

Above all, one thing I expect new ownership to do is change the name of Wrigley Field to Ameritrade Field. Why not, many of the nation’s sporting arenas have the names of banks and financial companies on the front entrance, Wrigley Field will be no exception.

Tribune sell Cubs, Wrigley to Ricketts family(

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