California H.S. basketball star quits school to play in Israel

Jeremy Tyler, a 6-foot-11 high school junior that averaged 28.7ppg his junior year, has decided to leave San Diego Prep and play professional basketball in Israel.

Obviously, this young man hasn’t been advised by the smartest and most practical advisers. His agent, B.J. Armstrong, yes, the one the played with Michael Jordan, stated, ” several offers were carefully considered. “

Is he serious? Instead of considering which Middle-Eastern team he would play, Tyler should be considering what college he’s going to attend next fall or which girl he’s taking to his senior prom.

I bet you’re guessing there had to be a large contract that lured the young man into making a this questionable decision. Reportedly, Tyler signed a one-year $140,000 contract with Maccabi Haifa of the Israeli Premier League, not enough to risk a career over.

Tyler plans on entering the NBA draft in 2011, but that’s no guarantee. What will happen if he gets hurt in Israel or averages 2 points per game? I’ll tell what will happen; his career in the NBA will be over before it starts.

It’s a shame that his parents won’t step up and encourage their son to finish high school first. The days of bashing NBA players for leaving college before completing their degree requirements are over, now guys are leaving high school without a diploma to play pro basketball. I pray he doesn’t suffer a career ending injury; if he does, serving up Big Macs will be the only thing he’s qualified to do.

San Diego basketball star quits high school to turn pro(

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