Brett Favre is back, again

Just when we all thought we had seen the of last Brett Favre, head coach Brad Childress showed up to the Vikings practice facilities with Brett Favre on the passenger side of a black SUV.

During the off season, Minnesota, especially head coach Brad Childress, gave clear and adamant statements concerning the timeline Favre had before deciding to sign with the team. As usual Favre gave the team and the media the Mississippi two-step as he avoided honesty while wavering between retirement and playing a 16-game season..

You ask when was the deadline? About three weeks ago, but after one pre-season game the Vikes decided QB’s Rosenfels and Jackson, poor guys, weren’t gonna get it done, so in comes Super-Favre.

Did I mention he received a 2/yr. $25M deal guaranteed, but lets not get carried away, he’s only going to play one year, but $12M is not bad for a 40-year-old guy.

Favre can’t give it up, he’s physically beating and his skills have diminished, but he continues to play. This is unprecedented territory, Joe Namath and Montana left their respective teams and had farewell seasons with only one other team, Favre is now with his second team after a 16-year stint with the Packers.

What is his legacy? Is it tarnished? The answers are unknown, but unless he wins a Super Bowl this year with the Vikings this season will soon be forgotten and in the end equal to a total waste of time and money for the Minnesota organization.

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