The Boo Birds Finally Descend On Manny In LA

With the Dodgers’ lead in the NL West shrinking by the day, fans in Los Angeles are getting restless. When fans get restless, they tend to notice when a player is in a slump. And when fans start noticing when a player is in a slump, they begin to voice their displeasure for any and every misstep. Which in layman’s terms means, they boo.

Manny Ramirez, who is hitting .200 over the last 7 games, is in a slump and the LA fans are now showing their displeasure for his missteps.

There was no translation needed to comprehend the most unusual of sounds showered upon Manny Ramirez in the sixth inning Sunday afternoon:


Dodgers fans loudly voiced their displeasure after the wildly popular left fielder allowed Aramis Ramirez’s hit to roll past him to the wall for a triple that sparked a tiebreaking two-run outburst and gave the Chicago Cubs a 3-1 victory at Dodger Stadium.

With only a 3 1/2 game lead over the Colorado Rockies in the NL West, the last thing LA fans want to see is “Manny being Manny”. But on Sunday, that’s exactly what they got.

On the play that drew fans’ ire in the sixth, Ramirez paused at the wall in front of the “Mannywood” section in left field and seemingly jogged to collect Aramis Ramirez’s hit after it bounced past him.

Buckle up LA fans. The road to the pennant could get rocky.

Manny Ramirez hears the boos in Dodgers’ 3-1 loss to Cubs (Los Angeles Times)

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