According To Bobby Bowden, Tim Tebow Aint No Charlie Ward

Bobby Bowden knows the talent of Tim Tebow. He knows the legend of Tim Tebow. He also knows that since Tim Tebow showed up on campus at the University of Florida, his Florida State Seminoles have been owned by Tim Tebow and the Gators. With all that being said, Bobby Bowden wants to make it perfectly clear to all you young whippersnappers out there that Tim Tebow aint better than Charlie Ward.

“People keep asking me about Tebow,” Bowden said. “You know, is he the best ever? I don’t know if he’s better than Charlie. I don’t think he runs better than Charlie. I don’t think he throws better than Charlie. And Charlie only played [quarterback] two years for us.”

It seems to be all about principle for Bowden. I’m sure he knows (or I hope he knows) that those words could get his Noles beat even worse come this November, but it aint about that. It’s about who can run it and throw it better. And you know how older folks are, once they think it, that’s what it is.

Tebow the best ever? Bobby Bowden doesn’t think he’s better than Charlie Ward
(The Chopping Block)

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