$1 Gets You A Nationals Game And A Stephen Strasburg Press Conference

I’m not sure the price of tickets for a Washington Nationals game. Nor, do I care enough to look it up. Whatever the price, I’m sure they’re overpriced. But for one day and one day only, the Nationals have your back. For a mere $1, they’re gonna let you watch how baseball shouldn’t be played and then, you’ll get watch as team executives make bedroom eyes at wonderboy, Stephen Strasburg at a press conference to follow.

The Washington Nationals are offering at least 2,000 tickets for $1 apiece for Friday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers — a matchup that will be preceded by an on-field news conference with No. 1 overall draft pick Stephen Strasburg.

Not bad. Not bad at all. I’m sure most people will go buy their $1 ticket and head to a bar to watch some meaningful baseball and then stagger back for the press conference. Besides, the press conference is what you’re paying for right? The game should be free.

Nats offer $1 tickets to game with Strasburg intro (AP)

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