Your X Games 15 Previexplosion

No Guts reader, A. Nartey sends us a preview for this weekend’s X Games 15.

XG15 is officially underway and here are a few events and people you should definitely check out!

If you need the TV schedule, check it out here.

Skateboard Big Air

In skateboarding, “He who truly knows no fear must first master the mega ramp in the Big Air Competition.” I just made that up but no matter what, everyone will attest to the fact that this is extreme skateboarding of extreme skateboarding. At the 2007 X Games, the ramps were 62 ft and 293 ft. Competitors had to choose between riding down a 60 or 80 ft roll in which launched them over a 50 or 70 ft gap. After jumping over the gap they rode up a 27 ft quarter pipe, which launched them as high as 50 ft in the air. All this on a piece of wood with wheels called a skateboard. Yes, you are right; you wouldn’t do it even if you were paid a million bucks. Jake Brown did in ’07. He fell over 45 ft and lived to tell his story. Oh yeah, and he was back the next year competing again. These guys are nuts! So TONIGHT make sure to check out Danny Way (living legend and creator of big air), Bob Burnquist (living legend and going for his 3rd straight gold in big air) and Jake Brown (fell over 45ft in X Games ‘07). You’ll thank me!!

Alex Perelson – Skateboard Vert

Remember Tomato or Carrot Top or maybe you know him as Shaun White, the skateboarder/snowboarder (well if you don’t know then you probably know nothing about action sports and you shouldn’t be reading this)? This guy is another prodigy, but unlike Shaun White, he’s 100% skater. And like Shaun, he’s gnarly (skate lingo for awesome) for his age. He beat out legends like Bob Burnquist and Bucky Lasek for that $75,000 at the Maloof Money Cup a few weeks ago by dropping a 900 (2 full rotations on a skateboard in the air) in competition. I think only 3 other skaters have ever done it. His name is Alex Perelson, he’s one cool kid and you want to check him out this weekend.

Nyjah Huston – Skateboard Street

He has never cut his hair, he is 14, and he is one of the best street skaters in the world. Another “generation next” sk8er, Nyjah Huston has been skating since he was five. He turned pro at 11 and was the youngest on tour competing against and beating skaters twice his age. He came in third at the Maloof Money Cup this year. You want to check Nyjah out this weekend if for nothing at all then to see those long flaming locks flying all over the place as he destroys the course.

Travis Pastrana – Moto X Best Trick

He’s baaaack! It’s been 3 years since the king of Moto X freestyle threw down the first ever double back flip in the Moto X Best Trick competition. Travis Pastrana is as versatile as they come. In 2006, he became the third athlete to win 3 gold medals at one X Games event, winning Moto X Best Trick, Freestyle and Rally Car. I hear he’s got a trick sicker than the double back flip he will be unveiling this year. Now, I really want to see this. It would have to be one suicidal endeavor to best the double back flip!! Stay tuned.

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