Vick is back on the market, will Goodell let him play?

After serving 23-months for funding a dog fighting ring, Michael Vick is a free man; his house arrest term ended on July 20.

Vick has completed his federal sentence and the million dollar question remains, will NFL commissioner Roger Goodell impose another sentence on the former Atlanta Falcons QB?

Goodell has previously said, “Vick must prove to myself and the general public that he is remorseful.” Remorseful or not, Vick will always be the poster child for animal cruelty for some groups and individuals.

PETA, the Humane Society and other animal enthusiasts have made their point, we all know Vick broke the law, but now its time to move on.

At 29, Vick still is young and appears to be in better shape than ever. Who will be the first NFL team to invite Vick to camp. Only time will tell, but Goodell must make a decision on his immediate playing status.

Personally, I believe serving time in Leavenworth, paying fines, being under house arrest and receiving probation is more than enough punishment for killings animals. Our society has allowed many to receive less severe punishments for killing human beings, but that’s another topic in itself.

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