Things that make me ponder

Why is Brad Daugherty an analyst on NASCAR Tonight, but never appears on ESPN NBA shows? Sure, I know he’s a co-owner of a racing team and he grew up loving the sport, but what about the sport that made you rich, basketball. Brad Daugherty was the Cavaliers #1 Draft pick in 1986, a 5-time All-Star and was the best player in team history until Lebron James came on the scene. After playing only 8 seasons in the league, Daugherty allegedly retired because of back problems, but I think his love of NASCAR was a major factor.

Why is New York’s District Attorney office so adamant about jail time for Plax? The guy shot himself in the leg, isn’t that enough punishment in itself. How will serving jail time change what happened, it won’t, but rather waste more taxpayer dollars. Can any one tell me why Donte’ Stallworth and J.R. Smith received 30 day sentences, for DUI Manslaughter and Vehicular Manslaughter, and Plax is facing up to 3 years fro accidentally shooting himself. I guess making a point means more than human lives, our justice system needs a serious overhaul.

Who cares? This is the biggest non-story of the year. The break-up of Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian , which occurred earlier this month, has been publicized by writers and magazines across the country as if people really care. Bush, a overrated RB for the Saints and Kardashian, a reality/porn star has no tangible talent, minus her physical attributes, dated for 2 years and now both will have to find another way to stay relevant in the public eye.

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