There Will Be No Throwing Up Of "Da U" At An University Of Florida Run Camp

Everyone should know by now that it’s all about “Da U”. Why? Because players and ex-players from “Da U” have told you this over and over. Yet, you just won’t listen.

Case in point, an University of Florida assistant coach had the nerve to kick Jacksonville Terry Parker High School offensive lineman Tavadis Glenn out of UF’s Friday Night Lights football camp for throwing up “Da U”.

Glenn said he flashed the sign after successfully covering a defensive lineman to show Gators recruits “what Miami do” after they taunted him throughout the night.

An assistant coach gave him one chance to respond, he said.

“He told me to get out the camp, that this is not a Miami camp,” Glenn said. “He told me to take that (expletive) down there. I was like ‘Huh?’ I only did it once.”

Gators recruits prompted the move by saying aloud “they don’t do this in Miami,” said Glenn, who did not know the name of the coach who booted him.

How many times do you have to be told? It’s all about “Da U”. It doesn’t matter that this was an University of Florida camp. It’s all about “Da U”. Go it? Good. Don’t make them tell you again. Because you know they will.

Hurricane commit kicked out of Gators camp for flashing the “U”

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