Soft Schedules Tend To Make Joe Paterno More Sympathetic

It’s year 44 for Joe Paterno. He has a brand new contract and a brand new hip. Things couldn’t be better in State College. And I almost forgot, he currently has a one game lead on Bobby Bowden for the most wins in college football history. A lead that will likely widen to as many as 14 games due to the academic shenanigans that went on at FSU. Yes, things couldn’t be better in State College.

Things are so good, Paterno hopes that he’s not given his insurmountable cushion and Bowden gets to keep his wins.

The NCAA is going to do what it’s going to do, but I would hope they would not take away 10 or 12 wins away from him. I don’t think that’s fair. He coached the team he had; they played against people, and they won. They ought to be wins for them.

Wow, now that’s selflessness (Takes a glance at Penn State’s schedule). Hey, wait a minute! No wonder Paterno is so sympathetic, a schedule chock full of Charmin usually allows for that sort of thing.

Here is the schedule in all it’s Charmin glory.

Iowa – Must be nice to open a season with 4 straight at home.
Eastern Illinois – Trying for that elusive Illinois state championship I see.
Ohio State
@Michigan State

I gotta agree with Joe on this one. Let Bowden have his wins. It aint gonna matter anyways.

Joe Paterno discusses BCS, Big Ten, Bowden in exclusive interview (Reading Eagle)

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