Shaq’s off-season schedule should make Cavs nervous

NBA star center Shaquille O’neal has had an extremely eventful off season. He’s been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and, to the organization’s dismay, has been everywhere in the world besides at home resting and conditioning for the upcoming season. You see, in his 17 year career O’neal has never played a full 82-game season, though he came close his first two years playing 81 games in both. Can you imagine how Cavs GM Danny Ferry feels when he sees his latest investment involved in risky activity? Not good; heres a few of the things Shaq’s been doing this summer:

Making a reality show– No, this show is not like ‘The Hills’ or even ‘The T.O. Show,’ but more like ‘Double Dare.’ Shaq has challenged several top athletes to physical challenges and ABC is paying him to do so.

Better idea: Sit home and rest, after 17 years in the league he has alot of mileage on those legs.

Visiting Shaolin temples in China– In my opinion, Shaq’s farewell tour to China was filled with thousands of 5’0 people following him around as he bowed appeared to gracious and humble.

Better idea
: Work out and attempt to get in good enough shape to play 82 games. I know its not gonna happen, but he can still prepare.

Wrestling with the Big Show– The video speaks for itself.
Better idea: too many to mention

If he keeps this up, he’ll only play in 40 games and retire a 7’1 has been.

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