Sam Bradford Will Autograph Just About Anything, Including Your Newborn

The legend of Sam Bradford is growing. It’s nowhere near the Tebow’s legend yet as people have yet to wonder about Bradford’s sexual pursuits, but it’s growing. And fast. So fast, that normal autograph signings, like the one pictured above, are a thing of the past.

If by chance you leave your jerseys, photos, and media guides at home, it’s cool. Sam Bradford will still honor your autograph request. Just have your newborn there ready and willing to be autographed.

Bradford, speaking Tuesday during the Big 12 Conference’s annual football preview, shook his head as he recounted the incident back in the spring. Like Tebow, the revered Florida quarterback and 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, the Sooners’ winner a year ago has grown accustomed to the sacrifice of privacy, to a star’s life in a fishbowl. Mealtime interruptions are routine.

But the night he and some buddies decided to dine out in Norman, Okla., “was a little bit different. I never pictured that happening before,” he said.

The mother and father approached with their son, whom Bradford estimated at no more than a couple of months old. Could he autograph the baby?

“I actually signed, I think, on its one-piece (outfit),” he said. “It was strange.”

Sam Bradford, honoring weird Oklahoma fans’ strange requests since 2006.

Autograph incident is sign of the times for Oklahoma’s Bradford (USA Today)

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