Rickey Henderson Scored Runs, Stole Bases, And Spawned At Least One Marriage

Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame on yesterday. And to no one’s surprise, Rickey Henderson stole the show.

But enough of the on-the-field accolades. Let’s talk about one of his off-the-field accolades. Mainly, that completely real photo above. Yes, along with being the greatest lead-off hitter to ever play the game, he is now credited with being responsible for the marriage of Dave and Elise Saltzberg. Here’s the caption that goes along with this photo.

Elise Saltzberg makes a sign before former Major League Baseball players Ricky Henderson and Jim Rice are inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York July 26, 2009. Elise Saltzberg met her future husband Dave because of a discussion about Ricky Henderson.

We don’t know what Rickey’s feelings would be on this, but I’m sure Rickey would be ecstatic that Rickey was able to bring two people together on the strength of Rickey and Rickey’s accomplishments.

* Image courtesy of Reuters Pictures

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