Richard Jefferson dumps fiancee

The newly acquired Spurs forward is heading to San Antonio for a fresh start professionally and without the old ‘ball and chain.’

Jefferson would have started his first season with the Spurs as a euphoric newlywed, but had a recent change of heart. Jefferson called off his wedding to Kesha Nichols on Friday, the night before the ceremony was to take place.

Nichols immediately notified her family and friends that the ceremony was off while Jefferson waited to notify his friends a few hours before showtime.

According to one of Jefferson’s friends, ” He called about two hours before the wedding. it was nuts.”

The wedding was scheduled to take place at the Mandarin Oriental in Manhattan; the estimated cost of the event, $2M.

Though the reasons for the breakup is unknown, I hope the Spurs make note of this incident and understand that any guy that is heartless enough to basically leave his bride at the alter, can’t be counted as a loyal teammate.

Spurs forward dumps fiancee on eve of wedding (New York Post)

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  1. Everett Rupert says:

    Everyone has a right to make decisions governing their personal and professional lives as they see fi. While we may not be able to know what went on with Mr. Jefferson and his intended, in the scopeof one's private life, why should we? Are we so information driven that one's personal life need to be picked over to satisfy our unatural nee to know everything?

  2. Los Brown says:

    Good point, but I really don't care rather he ever gets married. The fact is Richard Jefferson lives his life in front of a camera for the most part and that includes his personal life. Athletes or entertainers always want the media around when things are going well, even in their personal lives, but when things go sour then they ask for privacy. You can't have have it both ways, its somewhat of a Catch-22 situatuion. If its privacy they want they should live in a bubble and stop complaining, otherwise deal with the consequences of fame.

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