Questionable Poses: Um Mr. Selig, Are You……….Wasted?

I’m sure there have been numerous wild parties going on in St. Louis for MLB’s All Star celebration. Parties that, for those in attendance, will be remembered for a lifetime (If anyone has any pictures, send them our way). Well, it seems that Cardinal’s broadcaster, Mike Shannon’s 70th birthday party will be one of those parties. At least for Bud Selig.

Above, we have Bud Selig looking like he had one too many Korbels, or whatever the older crowd is drinking these days. Here’s the caption I found with this picture.

In this photograph taken for Crown Royal, St. Louis Cardinal broadcaster Mike Shannon, left, poses for a picture with Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, center and Cardinals’ hall-of-famer Red Schoendeinst at Shannon’s 70th birthday party, Sunday, July 12, 2009 in St. Louis.

Crown Royal? You mean, THE Crown Royal? Yall some wild boys, Selig.

Ok. Yes, the photographer may have caught him while he was blinking. And yes, I may be reaching here. But all the traits of a drunk man are here.

  • Eyes are almost nonexistant
  • Drink is in hand
  • Drunkard smile is on full display
  • Arm is wrapped around others in the picture
  • Crown Royal is mentioned

What else do you need?

* Image courtesy of AP

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