Prepare Yourself To LiveStrong For Yet Another Summer

Lance Armstrong living strong
We all knew what this was. Or, what it was supposed to be. But somehow, it has lead to more than any of us had bargained for. Lance Armstrong wanted to take one last stab at the Tour de France. Cool. One last go round couldn’t hurt, could it? Well, apparently it will.

TARBES, France (AP) — Lance Armstrong says he could be back for one more Tour de France.

The 37-year-old Texan, who is competing in the Tour for the first time since 2005, was asked by a French TV interviewer if this will be his last one.

“Probably not. Probably not,” Armstrong said on France-2 after Sunday’s ninth stage. “Maybe one more Tour.”

So here’s where I have no other choice than to question the sport of cycling as a whole.

Lance Armstrong is 37 years old. He hasn’t competed in the Tour since 2005. He can barely can ride a bike without injuring himself. Yet, he’s in 3rd place in this year’s Tour.

And because of this, we get another summer of commercials like this:

Armstrong: This Tour ‘probably not’ his last (AP)

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