Pistons hire Kuester; he’ll be gone in two years

The Detroit Pistons has hired a new head coach, again. Next to jump on the ‘coaching carousel’ is former Cavs assistant, John Kuester was hand picked by Dumars to run the show earlier in the week.

Kuester is the Pistons 6th coach in the past, 10 seasons. Most recently, Michael Curry was fired after one season, 39-43, and was swept in the 1st round by the Cavs in the 2009 Playoffs.

Was Kuester the best choice available? Not in my opinion, but obviously GM Joe Dumars is excited because Kuester has the Cavs playbook, a division rival, but not much else.

Though Kuester has nearly 20 years of NBA experience, his only head coaching stints occurred at the collegiate level with Boston University and George Washington.

I don’t doubt that Kuester can coach and I believe in giving chances to the unproven, but Dumars is impatient; he wants to win now and he wants to win big, that’s not going to happen with a first time head coach.

If Dumars is willing to give Kuester at least 3 years to make substantial progress, then maybe this is the right choice, but if he’s going to approach this coaching administration the same way he has with the others then Kuester and Dumars will be gone by this time next summer.

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  1. toasterhands says:

    Michael Curry was given a raw deal here, totally unfair and idiotic on Joe's part.

  2. Los Brown says:

    I agree, I believe he fired Curry because he's now on the hot seat. If this season is a failure Dumars will be out the door.

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