Mayfield still using Meth

Meth is a hell of a drug! At least for Mayfield it is. The embattled NASCAR driver just can’t seem to shake it.

After being suspended for using methamphetamine in May for a failed drug test, Jeremy Mayfield was reinstated by NASCAR just two weeks ago, but tested positive again in a randon drug test on July 6.

What is Mayfield’s response to these positive drug tests? Well he believes that NASCAR and his stepmother, Lisa Mayfield, are out to get him.

In her own words, “I saw Jeremy use methamphetamine by snorting it up his nose at least 30 times during the 7 years I was around him. Jeremy used methamphetamine not only in my presence, but also when we were both in the presence of others.”

NASCAR lawyers are seeking to reinstate the ban that was lifted earlier this month by the U.S. District court, while Mayfield and his lawyers claim NASCAR’s testing program is flawed, what a mess.

NASCAR: Mayfield tests positive again for meth

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