Mark Richt Is Starting To Get The "Lane Kiffin" Treatment

The game of college football recruiting can sometimes be a dirty one. Some play the game well. Some, not so well. When you’re being banned from recruiting at certain schools, as Lane Kiffin was, it’s safe to say that you’re not playing the game very well. Well, Kiffin now has company in the “I don’t play this game well” category. And it’s an unlikely candidate. Mark Richt. Yeah, I was hoping it was Urban Meyer too.

ATHENS, Ga. – Georgia’s decision to withdraw a football recruit’s scholarship offer while he was on campus last weekend prompted the coach at Carver High School to ban the Bulldogs from recruiting at the Columbus school.

Dell McGee said Tuesday that Georgia rescinded a written offer made to Devin Burns while the senior-to-be quarterback was on a visit, along with his parents and four younger siblings, on Saturday and ready to make a verbal commitment.

“They won’t be recruiting our school right now,” McGee said. “It was just the way that everything happened. If they wanted to rescind on the offer letter with Devin, they should have communicated that to Devin prior to his family even coming up there.”

This can’t be good for Richt or the Georgia football program. Yeah, it’s just one kid, but in the world of recruiting, things like this can and will be used against you. And it can’t be good when your recruiting tactics are likened to Lane Kiffin’s. Scratch that. It aint good where your recruiting tactics are likened to Lane Kiffin’s.

Georgia prep coach bans Bulldogs from recruiting at school (

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