LSU’s New Jerseys Come Equipped With New Promotion For…….LSU

As we all know, the undisputed champions of jersey changes is of course the Ducks from Oregon. So when other schools change their jerseys, it’s not to take the crown from Nike U. There’s usually a reason behind it. And for LSU, it’s all about promotion.

LSU’s athletics department will take advantage of the football team being on TV a lot this season by adding “LSU” to the front of the 2009 football jerseys.

This will be the first time in modern school history that the name of the school will appear on the jersey. There are no other changes to the 2009 LSU football uniform.

“With the new SEC television contracts that require every game to be televised, this is another branding opportunity for LSU and our football program,” equipment manager Greg Stringfellow said. “Nothing else changes about the jersey. We make subtle changes from time to time but we are very aware of our history and the tradition with our uniforms and we won’t do anything to take away from that.”

A little promotion never hurt anyone. And just think about the possibilities if every school adopted this. My only question would be, would South Carolina go with “USC” or “COCKS” on the front of their jerseys?

While you marinate on that, here are more pics of the “new” jerseys.

Images via LSU

LSU’s football team will have new jerseys for this season (LSU Beat)

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