Live From The Message Boards: Steve Spurrier Is A Genius, Liar, Straight Shooter, And An Idiot All In One Thread

Steve Spurrier
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Certainly you’re aware that Tim Tebow wasn’t an unanimous All-SEC team pick. Calm down. Steve Spurrier stepped up and said he made a mistake and even changed his vote to make Tebow an unanimous All-SEC pick.

So how does South Carolina fans view this whole thing? Let’s just say many different ways.

cockhornleghorn: I don’t believe for a minute that the “ballot mess up” was all an accident. I think Spurrier is just a master at psyching out the opponent. We will have a huge upset over Florida in November. I kind of feel sorry for Jevan Sneed, though. He is a good quarterback and I’m sure he’s bummed out that he got removed as Spurrier’s first team pick.

Interesting way of psyching out the opponent. Surely, psyching out the opponent shouldn’t motivate a player to beat you worse than he was already going to. This guys feels me.

jeffandangela: Brilliant.

Psyching two opposing QBs at a stroke.

The man never stops pushing the envelope.

Indeed. That’s just good ole SOS. The straight shooter. And many people love him for that.

coloradogamecock#: Cockhorn, your assumption doesn’t take into account anything Spurrier has ever done.

The guy tells the truth. It’s what has made him loved by the media folks. He is a straight shooter all the time. Is he wrong sometimes? Yep. Does he say he’s wrong when it’s identified to him? Yep.

Don’t know about you, but I LOVE folks like that. They might hurt my feelings now and then, and get the blood boiling, BUT I love ’em. I know exactly where they stand. People that smile to my face, and rip me behind my back…can’t stand it.

And now for “cockhornleghorn”, reality sets in.

cockhornleghorn: After listening to his interview I have to take back the initial post; it sounds like it really was an innocent mistake. Doggone it, I was hoping for some Spurrier gamesmanship. I want the Spurrier that beat people by 60 points.

Unfortunately, those days are over, Mr. Leghorn. But you may get to see your team get beat by 60 points.

To end this off, an Ole Miss fan lays down the thread with a Mark Sanford reference.

hoovreb: the governor looked better at his explanation

Game. Set. Match.

Steve Spurrier is a genius (Fighting Gamecock Forum)

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  1. Real Fake Sports says:

    Talk about an overblown story. Spurrier is just crafty enough to have done it on purpose.

    Spurrier Makes Amends; Votes Tebow First Team All-Virgin (Satire)

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